L’esportazione di rottami ferrosi e il regolamento sulla spedizione dei rifiuti

EUROFER chiede restrizioni all’esportazione di rottami di ferro in paesi terzi sulla base della maggior impronta carbonica dovuta ai trasporti e il mix energetico utilizzati dai paesi destinatari. Al riguardo EuRIC propone di aggiornare il documento sulle specifiche tecniche dei 2007.

Though not public but having shared with the Commission, please find enclosed the “briefing” of EUROFER calling for export restrictions of steel scrap based on the broadly equivalent conditions.
EuRIC will react and obviously make the link with the CO2 footprint of imported iron ore and the lack of equivalent conditions related to imports.
Yet, we are very much open to suggestions as the adequate angle(-s) to frame our reaction.

Also, ahead of next general assembly, I am copy pasting EFR Specifications that have not been updated for more than 10 years.
Quality will be key in our communication to differentiate steel scrap (and metal scrap) from unprocessed waste, even if both remain classified as waste unless in countries such as Italy having made EoW binding.

We will certainly have to update our specifications. Whether such an update is solely cosmetic or aim at including additional grades shall be subject to an in-depth discussion.
It will also depend on whether the steel industry tries to propose its own “steel scrap” standards to CEN-CENELEC, a risk that should not be under-estimated.
Feel free to already reflect on the opportunity (balance risk/benefits) of updating our specifications.

Download EUROFER position and EU-27 Steel Scrap Specification:
EUROFER POSITION EU-27 Steel Scrap Specification

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