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With this email we would like to share with you the Council’s compromise text on the proposal for a Regulation on critical raw materials (CRMs) (please see attached). Overall, the text from the Council seems to be more reasonable than certain amendments proposed by some Members of the European Parliament in ITRE’s draft report.

Please see below some important points for European recyclers:

Article 5: Union recycling capacity should be able to produce at least 20% (instead of 15%) of the Union’s annual consumption of strategic raw materials

Article 2: Proposed to have definitions in line with the Waste Framework Directive (WFD)

Article 3 & 4: Revision of strategic and critical raw material lists, every 3 year (instead of 4)

Article 23: Large companies identified by Member States pursuant to paragraph 1 shall, every two years, perform an audit of their supply chain, including: (a) a mapping of where the strategic raw materials they use are extracted, processed  or recycled;

Article 25:
Each Member State shall by adopt and implement, or include in, national programmes containing measures designed to:

(e1) promote that financial contributions paid by the producer, in compliance with its  extended producer responsibility obligations established in accordance with Article 8(1) of Directive 2008/98/EC, incentivise that products contain a larger  share of secondary critical raw materials recovered from waste;
(2) take necessary measures to ensure that critical raw materials that are exported under an end of waste status fulfill the relevant conditions in accordance with directive 2008/98/EC and other relevant Union law

Article 28:
The work on recycled content targets to start in 2032 (instead of 2030 as proposed by the EU COM)
On the point above, the Council proposed to have an implementing act instead of a delegated act (implementing acts give less power to the EU COM)

Scarica l’allegato in PDF


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